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Who Is Thumper Fab?

Thumper Fab is an aftermarket company that was founded in 2019 in Marshal, Texas, USA. Who says you can’t have fun with Utility vehicles?  Thumper Fab is known for producing high quality audio accessories perfect for audiophiles who are looking for that extra “thump” from their sound system or for anyone who simply wants quality sounds from their vehicle.

Quality Products Designed And Manufactured In The USA

All of Thumper Fab’s products are manufactured in-house in their facility in Texas, USA. To ensure that they produce the best, Thumper Fab only uses the best materials possible that help them create products unmatched by their competitors.

Partnering WIth The Industry’s Best 

Thumper Fab also uses Rockford Fosgate products. It is one of the most respected and recognizable brands of many enthusiasts everywhere. With two of the best brands in the industry working closely together, it's not surprising that they are considered one of the most sought after brands in the vehicle audio industry.

Purchase Thumper Fab Products at Vivid Racing 

If you are in the market for high quality UTV accessories such as roll cages, audio systems, and other accessories, look no further as Thumper Fab has got you covered. They have a comprehensive list of UTV accessories that would help make your UTV a head turner and a fun vehicle to drive. 

To know more about UTV and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirements.