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Who is TRD?

Toyota Racing Development or better known as TRD is the in house tuning company for all cars made by Toyota and Lexus. They are known for developing and creating parts to improve their vehicle line up which is used in different racing disciplines worldwide. Today, TRD is one of the most recognizable brands in the tuning scene all over the globe.

A Product Specifically Designed for Toyota

No other brand screams Toyota performance more than TRD. They have been creating various tuning products and accessories ranging from body kits, suspension kits, forced induction systems and wheels just to name a few. They offer parts for the consumer market or as a vehicle option in brand new Toyota vehicles. To date, there are two branches of TRD, TRD Japan and TRD USA.

Motorsport Heritage

The company has actively participated in various racing events, although they are heavily invested in the Super GT series Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (JGTC), Japan Formula 3 Championship, ESSO Formula Toyota series and the Nets Cup which is composed of Vitz and GT86 vehicles. In the US, they compete in NHRA Top Fuel and Funny Car divison, NASCAR, Pirelli World Challenge, Formula Drift, Indy Car Racing and more. 

With their participation in motorsrt racing, they are able to gather various data that help them create products that can bring out the full potential of the vehicle, either performance-wise or aesthetically.

Purchase TRD Products at Vivid Racing

Toyota is considered as the biggest and most successful automotive manufacturer in the world, and if they attach their name to a product, it definitely means it has their seal of approval. TRD has been developing quality parts and has maintained a high level of standard over the years, matching those of its parent company. If you want the best for your Toyota, then TRD is the brand for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your needs.