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About Clinched Flares

Clinched Flares is a team of passion-driven car enthusiasts focused on delivering top-quality exterior styling products to market. The company designs and manufactures a comprehensive lineup of widebody conversion kits, ducktail spoilers, and universal and model-specific fender flares crafted from high-quality ABS plastic. Clinched Flares’ capabilities allow it to have complete control over the entire product lifestyle – from an idea in their heads all the way to the sale of a finished product. The brand ships worldwide from either its Los Angeles, California, or Moscow, Russia warehouses based on a consumer’s location.

Concept and Development

Clinched Flares provides auto enthusiasts and petrolheads all around the globe with unique styling elements and exclusive add-ons to create the ultimate head-turning builds. Clinched Flares enjoys playing around with various designs and taking them in different directions that will enhance a vehicle’s factory body lines without ruining its original design language. The company admits to going through some “pretty heated debates” and drawing countless sketches before signing off on the final revision of a product.

All Clinched Flares’ aerodynamic body parts are constructed from high-quality ABS plastic in CNC-machined aluminum molds. While it is certainly not the least expensive way to build parts, it is the only way to manufacture them to the brand’s stringent quality standards. Aesthetics are not the company’s only passion; the team is fully dedicated to improving performance and speed as well. Therefore, no corners are cut and aerodynamics are not compromised in the slightest. Clinched Flares’ library of bolt-on accessories allow for slight tweaks or a complete transformation of your ride; ultimately, it’s up to you.

Why Choose Clinched Flares?

Clinched Flares products are carefully crafted using high-grade ABS plastic. Unlike fiberglass and other materials, ABS is easy to paint and heat- and impact-resistant. The quality plastic material provides superior ruggedness and a refined fit without added weight. Clinched Flares’ widebody kits enhance ground dynamics and improve aerodynamics to satisfy any speed demon. After all, perfect aerodynamics help keep a vehicle pressed against the pavement for more control and enjoyment at higher speeds.

With Clinched Flares’ widebody kits, you can also install wider wheels and tires for a newfound level of grip that your vehicle could not previously enjoy. In addition to the company’s admirable inventory of restyling products, Clinched Flares also offers model-specific refinements for added practicality. For example, you can install a set of sophisticated fender flares that will give your car a more aggressive look while also protecting the wheel wells and undercarriage from debris and mud.

Find Clinched Flares at Vivid Racing

If you are in the market to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance to give it a more aggressive look, then you have come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of Clinched fender flares, ducktail spoilers, rear wings, and full widebody conversion kits. If you have any questions about the products listed below or fitment concerns, please contact our expert parts team at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to helping you build the car of your dreams and dominate the spotlight at your next car event.