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Aftermarket Aero Kit Rear Spoilers and Wings

Kokoro Aero sets

Our kokoro aero set will assist you in personalizing, styling, and even quieting your car. The carbon fiber products increase downforce and enhance the sportiness of the exterior. The kokoro aero set is a limited-time offer for Tesla Model 3 owners wishing to increase the range and performance of their vehicle. This includes the Kokoro front bumper extension, front spoiler, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, side skirt, and winker spoiler.

Why get the Kororo Aero sets?

The Aero Kit is a collection of aerodynamic modifications that enhance your vehicle's aerodynamic performance and give it a sleek outlook. The Kororo Aero Kit has underbody spoilers on the front, trunk, and sides. Its primary objectives are to minimize drag and wind noise, as well as to eliminate undesirable lift forces and other causes of aerodynamic instability at high speeds.

How do the aero sets help in aerodynamics?

Aerodynamics are critical in automotive design since it supports the possibility of lowering fuel consumption and emission levels. One important factor is the exterior design, which can account for up to 25%–30% of a vehicle's total drug reduction.

This drag reduction can assist in lowering a vehicle's wind or air resistance. As a result, it contributes to increased fuel efficiency. In addition, it enhances the car's other performance attributes, such as handling and acceleration. To further reduce aerodynamic drag, the kokoro aero kit utilizes character lines on the car's exterior. These lines aid in the smooth passage of air across the body, thereby lowering air resistance.

What are the benefits of choosing aero sets?

A high-performance car is easily identifiable by the way it feels on the road. As mentioned earlier, increased downforce and aerodynamics improve handling and can give the impression that your car is one with the road. Have you ever driven a car that looked great but started to shake at higher speeds? This is due to inefficient aerodynamics, wind resistance, and drag. A well-designed exterior can redirect wind to the car's left and right sides rather than above or beneath it. As a result of the increased downforce, a high-performance car can slice through the gusts of wind that can cause you to slow down around corners and at higher speeds.


Spoilers exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, with their primary purpose being to boost your vehicle's downforce. In racing, high-performance automobiles are customized to the point where they are both powerful and light enough to lift off the ground at high speeds. A well-chosen spoiler will mitigate this effect and help the car adhere to the road like glue. Front spoilers are installed beneath the front bumper to reduce the likelihood of the vehicle's lifting from the front. Rear spoilers or rear wings assist in reducing the vehicle's rear end lift.

There are numerous ways in which an aerodynamic style package might improve the performance of your car. If you're looking for the best aero kit for your car, the Kokoro aero kit is your best bet!

Carbon Fiber Kit Model 3

Add a sporty look to your car’s front end with our carbon fiber parts. We offer a genuine 100% carbon fiber front spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser. It perfectly fits in the Tesla model 3, and now the extended edges fit all the way around the front edge of your wheel wells, giving it that sleek and bold look.

What is the benefit of carbon fiber in cars?

One of its advantages is its material rigidity. The structure of a carbon fiber material is extremely stable. Carbon fiber car parts are able to absorb large amounts of impact energy. This means that, used in the right places, carbon fiber helps to increase vehicle safety. Hence, replacing steel and aluminum components with carbon fiber parts offers a weight reduction of up to 60%. In turn, this increases fuel efficiency by as much as 30% and reduces CO2 emissions by about 20%.