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About Salter Aero

With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience, Salter Aero equipment accessories always stand for one thing—quality in design. Developed with the whole vehicle in mind and tailored to your Porsche. These high-quality products allow you to easily adapt your Porsche to your requirements, and they are constructed with a fine polish of simplicity. With products that exactly match your Porsche style as well as you.

History of Salter Aero

Salter Aero began by producing aero parts and gradually expanded its accessory line. After thorough testing, the equipment was taken to the industrial application stage in collaboration with various suppliers. Shortly thereafter, it became available as an accessory for the Porsche 944 and 968 models. Due to the high sales volume of aero parts, wind deflectors were swiftly integrated into the standard equipment range for succeeding cabriolet generations.

Salter Aero offers a comprehensive line of retrofit accessories. On the one hand, the range provides product benefits, such as model-specific transportation systems or aero fiber parts. This helps in boosting the driving experience with a range of items, from wing risers and carbon fiber kits to visual personalization options such as aero sets of carbon fiber with a distinctive design.

Salter Aero Innovation

The essential premise that underpins the whole Porsche Equipment range is that it is built with the complete vehicle in mind by the same engineers and designers that construct the automobiles. All accessory products, like vehicles, undergo extensive testing during their creation. After all, they are more than an afterthought, they are an integral aspect of a cohesive overall concept.

Porsche components

Since 2008, Porsche has also offered motorsports accessories. It comes with complete everyday usefulness, including road approval for exceptional performance and an awe-inspiring, elegant appearance. Porsche components entered a new era in 2013 with the advent of E-Performance accessories for the Porsche 918 Spyder Super Sports Car. The future direction chosen was cemented with the Panamera S E-Hybrid and Cayenne S E-Hybrid ranges.

About Porsche

Porsche is motivated and dedicated to breaking new ground and challenging conventional wisdom in order to deliver creative solutions that perfectly match their customers' expectations. They are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and combine that search with sound engineering judgment. Porsche includes a team full of creativity, enthusiasm, and cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, which are used to transform ideas into reality.

Salter Aero Products at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing provides and sells genuine products from Salter Aero. These includes aero discs, engine scoops, wing end plates, front air blades, screen protectors, wing risers, wing risers V1, wing risers V2 for various Porsche models.