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Who Is Paragon Performance?

Paragon Performance is an aftermarket company located in Waukee, Iowa. Their goal is to create products that focus on performance while still being affordable. Today, Paragon Performance is considered a leader in the upper-tier sports car segment and is sought-after by many enthusiasts everywhere.

The Best Deserves The Best

The company focuses on developing parts for some of the best sports cars in the market, such as Porsches, Corvette, and other exotic vehicles. They offer a variety of performance parts ranging from exhaust systems, intakes, turbo kits, tuning products, and a whole list of other performance items.

Inhouse Manufacturing

All their parts are built and tested in-house, enabling them to maintain a high standard level consistently through all their products. Using their six decades of experience in the automotive world, they were able to produce products that satisfy their customers' demands. All their parts are guaranteed to look good on your vehicle and proven to work for your specific purpose.

Purchase Paragon Performance At Vivid Racing

Are you in the market for quality products that comply with CARB laws while still enabling you to enjoy a track day and make the commute to work comfortable? Then look no further as Paragon Performance is the brand for you. 

Their parts guarantee to make your car faster, sharper and handle better. To know more about Paragon Performance and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of parts that fit your specific needs.