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Dundon Motorsports was founded by three automobile enthusiasts who wanted to give the motorsports world the best of everything. With the finest parts and highest performance that comes with excellent service. All of this takes place in friendly and welcoming surroundings. Dundon Motorsports includes a trademark titanium screech at high RPM and with less sound while driving on the highway, with their Titanium Ultralight GT3 Muffler. This is the most exclusive exhaust in the world, with a lifetime warranty and a weight of 9 pounds completely covered. Dundon Motorsports has formed partnerships with other top-tier manufacturers who produce the highest-quality parts available. Dundon Motorsports offers only the best upgrades, from aerodynamics to suspension and brakes.


Moral principles are an important component of the Dundon Motorsports legacy, which is carried down from generation to generation. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for them. They provide customers with genuine-quality products that are 100% returnable or replaceable, as long as they follow their warranty and guarantee standards. Dundon Motorsports believes in customer satisfaction 100%, genuine high-quality items, with returns or replacements that are guaranteed.

Every 2-3 months, the company adds new products to its product line, which is continually being upgraded. Dundon Motorsports believes in innovation. They aim to perfect the art of presenting a new vision to an already existing product line, whether it be an engine, exhaust pipe, wheels, body coverings, or any other automobile accessory.


With an exhaustive list of innovative, authentic, and world-class car accessories, Dundon Motorsports is a pivotal point for sourcing genuine car accessories for all the leading models of cars. The product line includes power packages, exhaust, aerodynamics, brakes, suspension packages, engine performance, suspension, and wheels.


Vivid Racing includes a wide collection of Dundon Motorsports products which include titanium ultralight mufflers, cantrell bolt-in roll bars, carbon fiber dive planes, club sport race headers, valved catback exhaust systems, street power packages, over axle pipes and many more.