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Aftermarket Aero Kit Rear Spoilers and Wings


Evans Motorsport Performance, also known as EMP, has been manufacturing custom performance parts for Mustangs and Corvettes since 1989. EMP has recently designed a specialized aftermarket part for the latest Chevrolet Corvette C8. Evans Motorsport Performance is a family-owned and operated business that was established by father and son, Travis and Cole Evans, with the intention of producing superior products. They start manufacturing the parts at their facility in Houston, Texas, not in some foreign factory, so that they can fulfill their mission of ensuring that customers receive the highest quality badassery that they can install with pride on their vehicle. By virtue of their improved materials and designs and their simpler installation, EMP components enhance the aesthetics of any structure. Evans Motorsport Performance produces S550 Mustang and C8 Corvette of the highest quality, such as for Mustangs: front splitter, rear diffuser, seat delete, side winglets, wicker bill, mud flaps, rear rocker splitters and more; and for C8 Corvettes, rear strut tower covers, rear license plate frames and more, including gift cards too.


The best custom Mustang and Corvette parts and accessories are available only at Evans Motorsport Performance Parts. They use superior materials, finishes, and hardware that will improve, not degrade, the ride quality for all passengers. Everything they produce is meticulously designed and engineered to be simple to install, sturdy, and, of course, overpowering. After assessing several 3D printing methods and materials with Fast Radius, EMP selected the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLSTM) and EPX 82 processes. Fast Radius printed a single prototype for EMP that fit perfectly over the strut tower, allowing the two businesses to begin production immediately. Whether an individual drives a C8 Corvette or an S550 Mustang, they will assist riders in equipping their vehicle with the most recent weapon-grade modifications that will have their vehicle looking and performing its best.


Their product line features diffusers, seat delete kits, add-on wings, mud laps, headlight reflector covers, front air splitters, side winglets, rocker splitters, side skirts, stickers, hood props, hood plates, key chains, strut tower covers, engine X-brace, and many more.


The products of EMP parts included in Vivid Racing are front air splitters, headlight reflector covers, mud flaps, diffusers, rocker splitters, seat delete kit carpet, strut tower covers, side skirts, and wing wickers.