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What is Top Secret?

It’s not a secret that Top Secret (formally Top Secret Performance Engineering Services) is one of the biggest icons in the big power scene. The Japanese automobile tuner and parts manufacturer is the brainchild of automotive engineer and driver Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata. Well known for being a high-speed junky and having a heavy foot, Smoky Nagata is one of the original godfathers of the JDM tuning scene. His tuning ability is out of this world and spills over into Top Secret Performance Engineering.

The Story Behind the Name

Kazuhiko Nagata grew up working on his parent’s farm in the northernmost Hokkaido province in Japan. He later developed an interest in the automotive world and began working as a mechanic at the local Toyota dealership. It was there that he started modifying cars and street racing.

When Nagata moved to Tokyo, he became a shop assistant for the aftermarket tuning company called Trust. He spent hours after work in the motorsport division, building parts for himself. When company execs caught him doing so, they were impressed by his skill and encouraged him to keep his hobby “top secret.” That became the inspiration for the name of his future company.

What’s Special about Top Secret?

The company is primarily known for its body kits and performance engineering products, as well as professional drifting, circuit, and drag racing. All Top Secret tuned cars sport signature gold paint that helps set them apart and become instantly recognizable.

Over the years, Top Secret has put out some of the most memorable and incredible projects in the tuning scene. Only the cars that Smoky Nagata deem to be his best work are honored and receive the gold paint scheme. Tucked away in the tuning hot spot of Chiba, Top Secret Performance Engineering Services has an admirable assortment of original parts that still look and perform at the highest levels.

Find Top Secret Parts at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing has a lengthy inventory of Top Secret products ranging from widebody kits and aerodynamic parts to rotors and tow hooks. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, give our sales team a call at (480) 966-3040. We’re here to help!