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BRABUS Ghost II Carbon Rear Trunk Spoiler in Gloss Rolls-Royce



Model #RRG-460-00

Shopper Award

The rear spoiler made from high-grade carbon provide the car not only a sporty and elegant look, but also give the car a improved aerodynamics due to an enhanced downforce and performance.


  • Great fitment
  • Carbon Fiber design
  • Glossy

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Who is BRABUS?

BRABUS is a world-renowned leader in high-end tuning and lifestyle solutions for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, and Maybach automobiles. BRABUS was founded in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann and has since developed into one of the biggest and most famous tuners in the world. The brand was born from Buschmann's personal desire to customize his own cars. He decided to start a business after discovering that existing companies could not satisfy his requirements and high standards. 

Since its inception, BRABUS has been developing and building high-performance supercars, as well as transforming vehicles into unique masterpieces made in Germany. For more than four decades, BRABUS has sought new ways to produce more exclusive, innovative, faster, safer, and better products that continue to impress all around the globe.

BRABUS Locations & Services

The BRABUS headquarters is located in Bottrop in the heart of the Ruhr Valley, right near the A2 autobahn. In addition to spacious showrooms, the facility is also home to the global brand’s administration, sales, marketing, production, and R&D departments. Vehicle modification and service work are done at 100 modern workstations in the multi-million cubic-foot facility using cutting-edge computer technology to ensure fast delivery to all corners of the globe. BRABUS also has an upholstery shop in Bottrop and at its California branches that transform customer requests into customized interiors that spotlight the highest levels of craftsmanship and individuality. 

Pushing Performance Limits

BRABUS is the largest independent automotive tuner, present in more than 100 countries. BRABUS has been and continues to be synonymous with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art engineering, exceptional performance, and top-notch quality.

BRABUS holds the status of an automotive manufacturer with the German Federal Department of Motor Vehicles. The current top-of-the-line models in BRABUS’ vehicle range are the BRABUS Rocket 900 supercars, which are capable of reading speeds in excess of 217 mph. These super unique, high-performance cars are built based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and are powered by a BRABUS Rocket 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increased-displacement motor that is rated at 900 horsepower (887 bhp) and has a peak torque of 1,106 pound-feet. 

Upgrade to BRABUS Parts Today

Vivid Racing carries a comprehensive lineup of BRABUS parts to improve both the aesthetics, aerodynamics, and performance of your luxury vehicle. Our inventory includes BRABUS widebody kits, canards, bumpers, diffusers, badges/emblems, floor mats, catback exhausts, mufflers, suspension components, and more! If you have any questions regarding the products listed above or need help locating an item, please call our expert sales team at (480) 966-3040.

  1. The contractual partner is obliged to inspect delivered goods immediately upon receipt and to give written notice of a defect immediately at the place of destination or, at the latest, within 8 business days upon receipt. Latent defects shall be noticed immediately upon ascertainment. In the event the contractual partner fails to observe the time limit for notification of a defect, every possible claim regarding defects not being noticed or being noticed out of time are excluded, if the contractual partner is a merchant or a legal entity of public law.
  2. In case of faulty deliveries or services, BRABUS shall have the opportunity to inspect at its option the noticed defects on the spot or at its places of business. The inspection shall take place immediately, if the contractual partner explains his interest in immediate settlement. Goods or services being found faulty shall not be modified without consent of BRABUS. Otherwise, the contractual partner may lose his claims based on warranty. Divergent from the aforegoing provisions, remediation works of deficiencies can be executed by another professional work shop at the expense of BRABUS, if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    1. If the vehicle is out of service due to a defect and has been removed more than 50 km from the plant of BRABUS and BRABUS has given consent prior to the placing of an order to the third work shop.
    2. If an urgent case of necessity is given and BRABUS is not able to take remedial actions immediately. The obligation of the contractual partner to inform BRABUS about the defect stating the address of the commissioned plant remains unaffected.
    3. In the event defects have been remedied by another professional workshop, the commissioning order shall set forth that the execution of the remediation works is considered as such of BRABUS. It is imperative to make an entry that the dismantled parts shall be holding at BRABUS' disposal during a reasonable time limit. BRABUS undertakes to reimburse the provable arising costs of the contractual partner. However, the contractual partner is obliged to keep the costs of remediation works as low as possible.
  3. In case of provable material or implementation defects, BRABUS is entitled to remedy the defects free of charge or to replace free of charge or to credit the invoice value against return of the defective goods or to grant the contractual partner reduction of the purchase price by observing reasonably the contractual partner's interest. Deviating imperative provisions of law for the benefit of the consumers remain unaffected.
  4. If BRABUS fails to fulfil one of its refined obligations to perform subsequently (replacement/delivery of a substitute or rectification of defects) or does not meet such obligation according to contract or if the subsequent performance goes wrong, the contractual partner is entitled to the right of reduction of the purchase price or the right of rescission of the contract within the scope of the provisions of law. Deviating imperative provisions of law for the benefit of consumers remain unaffected.
  5. In the event that defects occur on vehicles which are made available to us for the purpose of executing structural alteration and/or actions for increasing efficiency and/or installation of special components like engines for increasing efficiency and/or special running gear and/or of executing maintenance respectively repairing works, our warranty obligation is in principle limited to such installed parts respectively rendered services. Divergent to the provisions as set forth above in figure 3, BRABUS is obliged to remedy provable material or implementation defects. This obligation to remedy defects includes vehicle parts not being provided by BRABUS, if such parts have been directly injured or damaged due to the respective material or implementation defect.
  6. Other or further claims of the contractual partner, in particular claims for compensation of handling costs, costs relating to installation and dismantling as well as damages not relating to the delivery object (consequential damages), are excluded, provided that they are permitted by statute. Deviating imperative provisions of law for the benefit of consumers remain unaffected.
  7. In case line sample has been sent in to the contractual partner, BRABUS is only liable for the circumstance that the delivery will be executed in accordance with the inspected line sample in the light of any adjustments (stipulation of quality by line sample).
  8. Warranty claims as settled in this section are pertaining exclusively to defects of deliveries and services of BRABUS, including any defects on new vehicles with increasing efficiency, which have been existing on the date the risk in the goods passes to the respective contractual partner, or defects resulting from material and/or implementation defects, which have been existing on the date the risk in the goods passes to the contractual partner. The resulting warranty claims of the contractual partner are subject to a limitation period of 12 months counting from the date of passing the risk in the goods. In case of second hand purchase objects, any liability for defects as to quality are excluded, unless the existence of such defects has been concealed fraudulently. In case of contracts with consumers, the limitation period for delivery of new cars and for execution of services runs to 24 months and limitation period for delivery of used goods runs to 12 months counting from the date of passing the risk in the goods to the contractual partner.
  9. Any information relating to an increase in output and/or to Performance Kits are to be understood as average figures. Due to testing, deviations of +/- 5 % may occur. Information relating to the overall output of factory motors which have been modified by an increase in output and/or by Performance Kits are based on the information provided by the manufacturer in the official vehicle registration which in return may deviate +/- 5 %. Brabus will not be responsible for an output of factory motors which is below the aforementioned figures. 10. BRABUS-products are TÃœV certified according to EU-regulations. BRABUS does not take responsibility for the performance of any other national homologation regulations outside Germany.

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