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Who is Braille Battery?

In the competitive world of racing, every component counts, and the battery is no exception. Braille Battery is a US-based company that specializes in providing high-performance batteries for different vehicles. This includes import cars, race cars, and custom hot rods. They are on top of their class and has been the brand of choice by multiple race team and enthusiast.


The company has produced AGM batteries or what others call  “dry batteries”. These batteries contain a special glass mat separator that wicks the electrolyte solution between the battery plates. It enables the fiberglass to be saturated with electrolyte and store it in a  “dry” state rather than in free liquid form which are the traditional forms of batteries. These are not only better performing compared to the conventional liquid-filled batteries, but are also safer in case of an accident. 

Their batteries have been tested to be superior compared to its competitors. Hence, they have become the sole choice of teams in different racing disciplines such as NASCAR, NHRA, Rally, NASA, SCCA, Drifting races, Australian V8 Supercars, Super GT, Indy Cars, and more. Cars fitted with these batteries have successfully won championships at the Lemans 24 hours race and the Indy 500.

Carbon Fiber Body

Braille is the only company that offers a carbon fiber AGM battery. What the carbon fiber does is protects the battery internals from extreme temperature. This helps the battery perform better compared to batteries with standard casings. It also extends battery life. 

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If you are looking for a high-performance gel type battery that is safe to use and that would give you that extra boost, then Braille is the battery company for you. They also offer battery mounts, brackets, and chargers. To know more about Braille, visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products that would suit your needs.