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Performance Brake Rotors

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Carbon Ceramic
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Drilled & Slotted
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Set Screws
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Novel Front and Rear Rotors Lexus IS-F 08-14 Novel Front and Rear Rotors Lexus IS-F 08-14  $3,383.00  Buy Now
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Your brake rotors, or disc brake rotors, are nothing to skimp on. You can have a great braking system but if you use cheap thin rotors they will most likely warp and wear out quickly. At this point you will be buying new brake rotors again. If you are going to  invest in new brake rotors do it right and do it once. Buy a performance brake rotor. High performance brake rotors are thicker and can withstand the heat generated by your vehicles braking system. Slotted brake rotors help to dissipate heat as well. For ultimate performance and stopping power, take a look at our slotted and drilled brake rotors. These brake rotors are designed for ultimate performance and braking power for street and track. Upgrade your factory brake rotors with replacement high performance brake rotors, slotted, drilled, or OEM style brake rotors are our specialty. Now that you have picked out a great set of Performance Brake Rotors it's time to take a look at  some Wheels and Tires. Vivid Racing carries all the best performance Wheels and Tires in the industry. A good set of performance wheels and tires will look great and help in the stopping power of your vehicle.

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Vivid Racing carries Performance Brake Rotors for most car's and truck's. Here are just a few.

  • Audi Brake Rotors
  • Acura Brake Rotors
  • BMW Brake Rotors
  • Chevrolet Brake Rotors
  • Ford Brake Rotors
  • Honda Brake Rotors
  • Infiniti Brake Rotors
  • Mazda Brake Rotors
  • Mini Cooper Brake Rotors
  • Mitsubishi Brake Rotors
  • Nissan Brake Rotors
  • Porsche Brake Rotors
  • Subaru Brake Rotors
  • Toyota Brake Rotors
  • Volkswagen Brake Rotors

    Many More....

Vivid Racing carries a wide variety of High Performance Brake Rotors for cars and trucks. We sell:

Brembo Brake Rotors, Alcon Brake Rotors, Nuespeed Brake Rotors, Performance Friction Brake Rotors, PowerSlot Brake Rotors, Evosport Performance Brake Rotors, and Porsche High Performance Brake Rotors.

Vivid Racing carries 10 inch brake rotors, 11 inch brake rotors, 12 inch brake rotors, 13 inch brake rotors, 14 inch brake rotors, 15 inch brake rotors, and 16 inch brake rotors, 350z brake rotors, wrx brake rotors, EVO brake rotors, cross drilled and slotted rotors for evo x. And many more...

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