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Brian Crower Stroker Kit Pro Series Rods Honda H22[BC0038]


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Description Brian Crower Stroker Kit Pro Series Rods Honda H22

Turn your Honda into a 2.49L monster with a BC stroker kit. Big gains in horsepower and torque without sacrificing high rpm potential. Custom CP pistons are made to order so this kit is designed for turbo, supercharger and or nitrous (9:1) as well as all motor (14:1+) choose the compression ratio and bore size to suit your specific requirements. Highest quality at an affordable price. Maximum recommended bore size is 89mm. To form the ultimate Stroker Kit use with BC Crankshafts with the corresponding connecting rod and piston combination. The Brian Crower stroker kit delivers a system matched setup that installs correctly the first time.

Although specific differ from kit to kit, you can be sure each Brian Crower Stroker Kit incorporates a larger stroke, steel billet crankshaft _ not a reworked OEM crank, custom forged aluminum pistons, premium alloy wrist pins, full ring pack, 4340 steel billet connecting rods w/ARP fasteners, and ACL Bearings. All this equals a fully balanced system, ready to install, for some big time power and torque gains.

Kit Includes:
-BC 4340 billet steel crankshaft (100mm stroke / 55mm main).
-BC Pro Series steel billet rods w/ARP 220,000 psi fasteners.
- CP aluminum forged pistons (any bore size, any compression ratio).
- 9310 nickel carbon steel alloy wrist pins.
- Ductile iron plasma top rings, tapered second ring, low tension oil rings.
- Typically includes aluminum buttons/rail supports (not locks).
- Fully system balanced and ready to install.

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