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Bride Digo II Light Graduation Reclining Seat


Bride Seats

Model #D35AGS

Bride Digo II Light Graduation Reclining Seat. Digo II Light series uses premium suede tone cloth which provides comfort and perfect fitting, and it ll feel like part of your skin. Both shoulder lines on left and the right for are carefully designed to give a compact look and yet fully support you by narrowing the shoulder lines to fit in a smaller room space vehicle.

Digo II Light series adopted the high tension net for our seating and backrest. Holding of the suede tone fabric feels as if the seat is wrapping around the body, providing high quality comfort. It is recommended for both short and long hour drives. In order to ensure accurate steering operation in a cornering, we have used carbon coating material on the shoulder hold of this Digo II Light series seat. It's appearance gives strong impact to both those who see it and those who drive it.

Digo II Lightseries adopted Super Recliner unit, which allows easy seat angle adjustment with a single touch. It also functions to tilt the seat forward by just pulling the unit. Digo II series has Quick Lever as option as well. It was carefully designed to fit for both right and Left side use, which makes seat position adjustment much smoother.

  • Carbon material used to the shoulder hold as the image of powerful and racy.
  • Form which wraps the field pressure equally to the body.
  • Super Recliner unit with easy seat adjustment.
  • A high-quality degree of comfort with the adoption of a high tension net.
  • Resistance-to-Flame Cloth
  • Color: Graduation
  • Quick Lever Option Avaiable
Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The Pride of BRIDE Seats

BRIDE racing seats are among the most recognized “JDM” seats in the tuner industry. BRIDE’s overall vision is to combine comfort and safety into a sport seat designed for circuit racing. Each sport seat developed by BRIDE has been used to years by race car drivers all around the globe. This goes to show that pure performance and style can be obtained in one superior seat. BRIDE’s number one priority is customer satisfaction and values all customer feedback and requests. The company evolves with the needs and wants of each individual customer to ensure its products come as close to perfection as possible.

Made in Japan

BRIDE also feels that the words “Made in Japan” exudes a trust that was developed by Japan over many years and quality recognized all over the world. These words touch upon Japan’s unique skills, abundant creativity, and commitment to hand-made technology and refinement.  

In order to provide customers with high-quality seats, BRIDE is dedicated to using advanced technology (such as shells and cloth), stable manufacturing/shipping logistics, and highly refined skills.

BRIDE Puts Safety First

BRIDE produces all of its seats and seat rail products domestically in Japan. Its seats are ASEA-approved, which have cleared the standards of ASEA – the industry organization comprised of members of motorsport companies and tuning parts/sales companies that represent Japan. All parts conform to vehicle inspections and have cleared rigorous safety standards

The safety benchmark includes 6 items: seat back rear surface crash test; head restraint forward crash test; head restraint static test; seat and seat mounting test; seat belt mounting test; and the flame resistance test. In all of these cases, a tremendous amount of force is applied to the seats to mimic an accident and check whether the seats are damaged and can be maintained for a regulated time.

BRIDE seats are also the first seats made in Japan to be licensed by the FIA. The brand offers nine models, which can be used in international races. 

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Upgrade your car’s interior with a pair of BRIDE seats to elevate the comfort, appearance, and safety of your cabin. Vivid Racing carries a wide array of BRIDE seats to choose from that will cater to your taste and color preferences. If you have any questions during the purchase process, call our parts specialists at (480) 966-3040.