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Brilliant Exhaust Exhaust System Lamborghini Aventador 2016-2021


Brilliant Exhaust

Model #Brilliant-System-Aventador-S-LP740

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This product is for Racing Competition only and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles or other non-racing competition off-road vehicles.

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The legendary sound design from Technical Garage and Sasaki-san himself is now gracing us in the US! All models of Aventador are covered in his design as well as many other makes and models.

A high-pitched roar that connects man and machine through the rise in revs.

This is the "sound" that the exhaust system brand "Brilliant" seeks.

In search of a sensual sound that resonates only when the performance of the engine itself is released, which cannot be obtained by simply replacing the muffler, "Brilliant" designs, develops and manufactures the exhaust system.

Thoughts in "Brilliant" -For the owner to shine-

At Technical Garage Sasaki, which designs, manufactures, and sells the original brand "Brilliant," we have been sticking to one-off exhaust manifolds for many years.

And from the desire to push the performance of the engine to the limit and deliver the sound generated from it to many users, we launched the exhaust system specialty brand "Brilliant".

Commitment to endless "sound" -Choice of exchanging exhaust manifolds instead of muffler-

Exhaust notes are generated when the exhaust gas generated by the engine passes through the center pipe and catalyst from the exhaust manifold (exhaust manifold) and is discharged from the rear muffler. In the process, the sound quality and volume change. And the parts that determine the sound quality are the exhaust manifolds.

Generally, there is an image of "changing the sound = rear muffler", but if you want to change the sound in the true sense, replacing the exhaust manifold is the most effective. Therefore, we recommend replacing the exhaust system with an exhaust manifold.

Package includes:

  • Exhaust rear section with valves
  • Cat bypass pipes x2 (stainless)
  • Remote
  • Lamborghini Aventador 2016-2021

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Lamborghini Aventador

Who Is Brilliant?

Brilliant is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality exhaust for the automotive industry. When the company started, its goal was to create the best exhaust in the market, which is what Brilliant is known for.

Focusing on exhaust and mufflers, they primarily worked on Mercedes Benz, which lacked aftermarket support. After multiple trials and errors, they perfected their craft and developed one of the best sounding exhausts to the BenzS600.

Catering The Best

Over the years, the company became more popular in the exhaust manufacturing industry. They later expanded their product offering by catering to some of the best high-performance sports cars in the market, such as Lamborghinis, Mclaren, Maseratis, and Ferrari. These cars are considered the pinnacle of automotive technology. But what Brilliant did was improve what everyone thought was already the best. This helped cement their position as the industry leader in their market segment.

Music To The Ears

Brilliant allows its customers to experience the pleasure of driving their vehicles. From Japan, they are now known all over the globe and have amassed a lot of followers coming from different countries. For Brilliant, it is one thing to make the vehicle go fast, but it also has to sound good while doing it. Their exhaust systems create that distinct sound that enables their customers to have that added sensation when driving.

Purchase Brilliant Exhaust Products At Vivid Racing

If you feel that your stock exhaust does not satisfy you anymore, then maybe it's time for you to upgrade. Perhaps, Brilliant is the brand for you. To know more about them and what they can offer, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific requirement.

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