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Description The advent of electronic throttle (or "drive-by-wire") systems in late model cars presents a unique tuning opportunity. On these cars, the throttle plate is modulated by an electronic signal that is connected to the accelerator pedal. Because this system is based upon voltage readings from a sensor, it can be easily modified with an electronic controller. Controlling the ratio of pedal-to-throttle opening allows the driver to dial in precisely the feeling needed, whether its quick blips of the throttle for heel-toe driving technique or de-sensitizing the pedal for economy mode driving. Now, the driver has this under his control with the Buddy Club e-Throttle Booster.

Utilizing the latest microprocessor technology, the e-Throttle Booster modifies the signal between accelerator pedal, ECU, and throttle body to boost or cut the angle of the throttle plate in relation to its stock settings. The e-Throttle Booster allows for 12-steps of adjustment and 31 levels of total adjustment throughout the range of the throttle position sensor, allowing for precision changes according to driver preference. At low ranges, it reduces the perceived effect of "throttle lag" the amount of time that occurs between when the accelerator is pressed and when the engine responds. At the upper RPM ranges, the increased sensitivity makes it easier to perform racing techniques like the heel-toe shift. Each unit comes with an application specific wiring harness for quick installation.

Since it is adjustable, the driver can change preferences "on the fly" or leave them set up for track or off-road preference. E-Throttle Booster also utilizes an "Economy" Mode that allows the driver to de-tune throttle response for the most fuel economy with the least amount of driver effort. This new idea is now being implemented as optional equipment on late model vehicles, and may soon be an available feature on all new electronic throttle cars. The increase in fuel savings will more than pay for the unit itself in a short amount of time. Conversely, dual-purpose vehicles that see highway time in addition to serving weekend warrior duty can now implement an additional level of automatic control and fine-tuning that's never been available before. A quick flick of the knob is all it takes to maximize your throttle effort. Like the short throw shifters that came before them, the e-Throttle Booster incorporates technology and an revised driving experience that will have you hooked once you try it. You may never have to "push the pedal to the metal" to achieve the wide open throttle response that you need during spirited driving manoeuvres.

  • Utilizes Microprocessor Technology
  • Modifies the signal between Accelerator, ECU, and Throttle Body to Boost or Cut the Angle of the Throttle Plate
  • Allows 12 Steps Adjustment
  • 31 Levels of Total Adjustment Throughout the Throttle Sensor
  • Reduces Perceived Effect of Throttle Lag
  • Easier to Perform Racing Techniques like Heel Toe Shift
  • Each Unit Comes with Application Specific Wiring Harness for Quick Installation
  • Acura TSX 2009-2014
  • Pictures are used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary.
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