Who is CargoGlide?

CargoGlide is a company that specializes in manufacturing an innovative product that allows you to load and unload on your pickup truck easier. If you are a truck owner, you understand the hassle of trying to reach in at the back of your pickup to load or unload your things. With CargoGlide, no more damaged paint and no more scruff knees.

Today, they have become one of the go-to brands of enthusiasts who want to maximize their pickup beds fully.

100% Made in The USA

All their products are made in the US. It allows them to ensure the quality of their product and maintain their high standards. They only use the best material possible and are rated to carry heavy loads. CargoGlide is not just for pickup trucks as they also have kits for vans and fit most vehicle brands and models.

A Brand You Can Trust

CargoGlide is also a member of many prestigious associations such as SEMA, NTEA, and NAFA. This guarantees that they follow strict guidelines when it comes to manufacturing products for the consumers. It comes with all the necessary hardware and a complete instructional manual, giving a hassle-free installation procedure.

Purchase CargoGlide At Vivid Racing

If you are in the market for a high-quality product that can make your day-to-day driving easier, then CargoGlide is the brand for you. Loading onto your vehicle is now effortless, thanks to CargoGlide. To know more about what the company can offer, visit Vivid Racing and see their list of products that fit your requirement.