Who is Cavallo Wheels?

Cavallo is known for creating wheels with style, elegance, and class. They have set the benchmark in the wheel industry by providing durable and high-quality products. Today they are one of the most sought after wheel brands in the world.

Driven by Passion

Each wheel is designed with pure passion in its roots. Every detail is meticulously worked on and studied to ensure that the client would only get a superior product. 

From design, engineering, and manufacturing, Cavallo Wheels’ attention to detail ensures that it meets their set standard.

Modern Design

Cavello wheels are distinguished by its modern-looking wheel product line. With its trendsetting look and finishes, adding a set would freshen up your vehicle. 

High Quality is their Priority

All of Cavello’s wheels are made up of high-quality materials. These are rigorously tested to ensure that it is according to the industry set standards. 

Makes the Ordinary  - Extraordinary

Cavello wheels do not limit itself in providing quality wheels for specific model cars. It aims to improve your vehicle's overall look, may it be a sedan, compact cars, SUV, pick up trucks, and high-end model vehicles.

The Simpler, The Better

With Cavello wheels, beauty comes from its simplicity. Even with their multispoke wheels, it is designed to accentuate the vehicle's lines and make it look like it does belong originally to the car.

Purchase Cavello Wheels at Vivid Racing

With a long list of wheel options for every car model, Cavello has the right set for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of wheel designs and specifications.