What Makes CCW Wheels Special?

CCW Wheels, formally known as Complete Custom Wheel (CCW), is dedicated to bringing exceptional products to market for the enthusiast who values performance more than anything else. CCW was founded with the intention of providing petrolheads with quality wheels that look and act the part without drilling a hole in their wallet. To date, CCW Wheels are among one of the most desired forged wheels for performance cars. Rather than being flashy or gimmicky like some other brands, CCW Wheels takes pride in sticking to the core concepts of forged wheel technology. They keep their wheels lightweight, durable, and functional. It’s for these reasons that you will find CCW Wheels have become a staple on sports cars like the Porsche 911, Toyota Supra, and BMW M3, among others.

Catered to your Car’s Needs

CCW Wheels manufactures each set of wheels to the specs needed on your particular vehicle. By keeping it simple, they are able to offer a variety of finishes that include satin black, polished black, gold, hyper silver, white, and red just to name a few.

CCW Wheels also come in a variety of different models/series that include the Hybrid Series, SP/Tapered Series, Corsair Series, LM Series, Classic Series, and D Series. For customers looking for a more track-oriented or racecar look, the LM is the way to go. The D Series, on the other hand, is more targeted toward the “Stance” and “show” crowd. You can find each style listed above and see what suits your car and personal tastes.

CCW Wheels for Sale from Vivid Racing

Up until 2014, you could only purchase CCW Wheels them the company directly. Now that Weld Wheels has acquired them, CCW Wheels has expanded its network and created a wholesale program so you can purchase your CCW Wheels from trusted and knowledgeable dealers like Vivid Racing!

Vivid Racing is an Official CCW Wheel Dealer. For pricing, custom finishes, wheel/tire packages, or to order, contact a performance specialist at 1.480.966.3040 or email sales@vividracing.com.