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Cusco Lower Front Center Power Brace Mitsubishi EVO VII VIII IX 01-07[564 492 FC]


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Description Cusco Lower Front Center Power Brace Mitsubishi EVO VIII/IX 01-06

Cusco is proud to introduce their new line of Power Braces. Specializing in aftermarket suspension, Cusco is known for their superior high quality products. Their new line of Power Braces has been one of the most anticipated products this year. These Power Braces are designed to stiffen up your chassis and help reduce vehicle body flex. When making excessive corners, you will want to reduce the chassis flex and increase the rigidity of your car. This is where Cusco???_s Power Braces come into effect. Cusco has designed these braces to be fully functional in conjunction with Cusco???_s other lower braces. For example, when using the lower Type II or Type I front tie bar, you are able to combine Cusco???_s lower center Power Brace, lower front Power Brace, lower front side Power Braces, trunk Power Brace, front and rear sway bars, strut bars, and much more! Combine all these bars together and feel the full effect of Cusco???_s Power Braces.

-The front member Power Brace is a multi-point brace that will stiffen the front area of your vehicle chassis during hard cornering.

-The front side Power Brace connects to the front sides of the under body to increase rigidity.

-The front center Power Brace is a multipoint bar that is used in conjunction with the center Power Braces.

-The center Power Brace is a multi-point brace that will stiffen your vehicle???_s chassis to its fullest!

-The trunk Power Brace helps to decrease chassis flex in the rear trunk area. (Will not work in conjunction with Cusco???_s 2 point trunk bar.)

Power Braces are sold seperately.
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