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DAMD FRP Verion 1 Trunk Spoiler Mazda MX5 Dark Night 2005-2015




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In the 1980s when Damd was founded, cars were the center of "longing". Many supercars were born, and beautiful cars colored the city. The time I spend with my car that I finally got is very comfortable.

However, in the present age when the automobile penetration rate is increasing, it is easy to think of a car as a convenient vehicle as long as it can be driven.

"No matter how the times change, the car is a dream product."

Even if cars become commonplace, we believe it. We design and manufacture customized parts that match the lifestyle of the times so that drivers can love their cars more, and increase the number of cars that make us want to ride!

Creating a longing. Make a difference.

Customization is a hobby and a luxury item, and it is not always necessary for living, but I hope that the hearts of those who have touched all of the products, the services they develop, and the staff. DAMD will be enriched. Will continue to develop their business.

The late model that supports the new CX-5 (KF) and the CX-3 / Demio / Axela after minor changes has been completed while keeping the concept such as the design, grip diameter & shape that was popular even in the first model. Quick response and linear drive feel due to smaller diameter. The grip diameter is set to be thicker than the genuine one in pursuit of a "fit that fits in the palm of your hand", and the uneven three-dimensional modeling realizes a stress-free grip that does not apply too much force. The flat bottom shape makes it look sporty. In addition, it gives a margin to the space under your feet and supports a comfortable accelerator work. Stitches that are carefully hand-sewn one by one. Left and right punching leather cut back. And the dark red center mark on the top creates a sporty cockpit. Two types are available: nappa leather, which is also used in luxury European cars, and ultra suede, which is sporty and silky.

The side view has become more relaxed, and the flowing heartbeat design has been brushed up. The high-quality carbon material gives off a presence as a graceful sports accent.For Installation Instruction:

  • Mounting method: Double-sided tape, dedicated stays, screws, bolts / nuts
  • Accessories: Double-sided tape, molding, stays, bolts / nuts, tapping screws, primers, etc.
  • Required tools: Solvent degreasing agent (parts cleaner, etc.), scissors, screwdriver, spanner, drill (for tapping screw pilot hole)
  • Mazda MX5 Dark Night 2005-2015
  • For unpainted products, be sure to check the installation before painting.
  • Please be sure to check the mounting parts after opening.
  • Please install after confirming a safe place.
  • We recommend that you install and paint with a specialist.
  • Please note that the demo car may differ from the actual product.

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