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Edge Juice Module Dodge 5.9L 600 Series 04.5-05[EJD3000A]


Description Edge Juice Module Dodge 5.9L 600 Series 04.5-05

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The Juice module is an add-on Engine Control Module for the Cummins Engine that offers additional features not available with the factory setup. Since it is an add-on ECM, it uses all the factory data and then enhances the factory settings to optimize your truck�s performance.

The Juice features engine temperature monitoring and power increase from the Juice module as engine reaches operating temperature. With three selectable power levels via an in-cab position switch, the Juice module offers a large power increase over stock throughout the RPR range, but the power is more noticeable in the midrange RPM�s. This greatly improves driveability and towing performance. Transmission downshifting is greatly reduced, especially while passing or towing.

The Juice also regulates power delivery and timing based on engine temperature. This means that while the engine temperature is below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, no additional fueling or timing is delivered. Over 140 degrees, the module begins delivering fuel at 25% of the calculated additional fuel, and the percentage increases, until at full engine temperature the Juice delivers 100% of the calculated additional fuel. At full engine temperature the Juice also starts modifying timing.

The Juice alone provides the following power gains with an in-cab toggle switch:
Level 1: 25 Horsepower - 80 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 2: 40 Horsepower - 120 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 3: 80 Horsepower - 200 Foot Pounds of Torque
Hot Unlock level: 40, 60, 100 Horsepower and 120, 150, 250 Foot Pounds of Torque. To get the unlock code you must complete a waiver located under product updates.

When used without the Attitude monitor, the Juice will NOT read EGTs.

Fits: Dodge Cummins 5.9L 600 Series
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