Who is Foose?

It was in 1998 when legendary car designer Chip Foose and his wife decided to start their own company Foose Design. 

Chip Foose was already an established car designer at the time with numerous car builds under his belt. He was responsible for creating the most beautifully designed vehicles that won prestigious shows in the US and was also behind the most iconic studio cars used, such as Robocop, Bladerunner, and Gone in 60 Seconds. Today Foose has been one of the most recognized brands worldwide.

Best Wheel Design

When you have the youngest Hot Rod Hall of Famer designing the wheel, you will be sure that the end product would turn your vehicle into a head-turner. They offer a retro-looking wheel design for those who wanted to retain that vehicle's old school look. They also have a more modern design, which provides that classy modern feel. Whatever your style may be, Foose wheels have the right set for you.

Top Quality

All of Foose Wheels are made not just to look good but to perform as well. Made out of high-quality material, it is a wheel that could definitely handle the abuse of daily driving.

Purchase Foose Wheels at Vivid Racing

Foose has become an icon in the automotive industry. Not everyone can have a chance to have a car designed and built by the legend himself. Offered in various finishes from chrome, polished, or painted, they will have the right wheel for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check their product line that would suit your needs.