Who is Fox Racing?

Fox was created in 1974 by Bob Fox, a motocross aficionado. He decided to develop a better quality shock that would be able to perform better and handle the punishment of motocross racing.

With a series of trials and errors and multiple prototypes, it had found success when bikes fitted with Fox shocks began winning races and creating champions. 

It was later adopted by other factory racing teams and has been the standard of motocross suspension globally.

Today, Fox is recognized as the top brand for offroading shocks, offering parts for various vehicle platforms such as utility terrain vehicles, mountain bikes, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and automobiles.

Racing Heritage

The company has built itself around its years of experience in motocross racing. Using the knowledge they gained from the track, they continuously improved their products to be ahead of the competition. 

Their products are tested to handle the toughest conditions and the harsh environment of racing. Whether you are high flying in the dessert or doing some strenuous mountain climbs, Fox Shocks can handle it.

Made of Quality Material

All of Fox’s suspension components are made up of high-quality material. 

Using high-grade aluminum and steel, they create parts that are strong, lightweight, and durable. And with their anti-corrosion properties, their products are guaranteed to last for a long time. Each component has been carefully designed and cut to precision, making sure that the customers only get the finest products.

Purchase Fox Racing Shocks at Vivid Racing

With decades of experience creating quality aftermarket shocks, Fox Racing has proven itself to be a brand that you can trust when it comes to performance-oriented suspension components. Offering shocks with various configurations, Fox has definitely got your needs covered. Visit Vivid Racing and check out what the company has in store for you.