Who Is Holz Racing Products?

Holz Racing Products was founded in 1995 to develop, invent, manufacture the highest quality suspension and chassis components in the industry, and deliver the best possible results. Holz Racing's dedication to quality and the ideology of no-compromise nature holds Holz at the forefront of success and service in the industry.

Holz Racing Product is the highest quality. In some of the toughest conditions, each part was checked, and the breed demonstrated. High-quality tig weld construction and the use of exclusively high quality and durability materials in the USA. Holz also offers premium products for a one-stop shopping experience from other manufacturers. Every brand is selected by hand based on their personal experience with each product.

What Makes Holz Racing Products so Special?

The highest quality, best performing suspension, and chassis components are available were produced by Holz Racing Products. The hardest method from WORCS has been developed and proved for Holz Racing Products.

Holz Racing Products at Vivid Racing.

Holz Racing at Vivid Racing has discovered with years of race experience what the vehicles need to get better by making the most effective and reliable goods in the industry. To know, please call (480) 966-3040 and contact our team.