What is ICON Vehicle Dynamics?

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premier suspension manufacturer that specializes in bolt-on performance suspension components and shock absorbers for Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. Led by chief engineer and SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans, ICON Vehicle Dynamics encompasses the unique qualities it needs to design and build the best suspension parts and test them in real-world applications and race conditions. The company is customer-driver, technology-oriented, and focused on world-class engineering processes. ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a SEMA member and the premier supplier of suspension parts to leading vehicle brands like Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Ford, GM, and Dodge.  

Dedicated to Superior Suspension

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is capable of developing such revolutionary performance suspension systems because of its specially trained staff. Its engineers actually start out by finding the desired outcome for a vehicle they are working on. By researching and studying forces and their effect on the car in motion, they are also to figure out what improvements can be made in terms of drivability and handling characteristics. The result is the fabrication of some of the highest quality and best performing suspension parts on the market.

What also sets ICON products apart from the competition is the brand’s astonishing commitment to excellence and dedication to ride development and testing. When you combine the company’s vehicle dynamic theory with its extensive experience and involvement in off-road racing and rock crawling, there isn’t much they cannot do. The engineers over at ICON Vehicle Dynamics take pride in being in control of everything that goes on and the driving force behind every part that comes off the production line. All of this is made possible by laser cutting, CNC machining, metal forming, and welding and assembly, which is all done in house with careful attention to detail. It’s no wonder ICON Vehicle Dynamics has earned itself such a solid reputation based on performance, quality, and service when it comes to performance suspension systems. 

Upgrade to ICON Vehicle Dynamics Today

If you have been longing to switch up your car’s suspension, then look no further. ICON Vehicle Dynamics has all the best suspension components and systems to upgrade your vehicle’s overall stance, appearance, and ride quality. Vivid Racing is proud to carry a wide array of ICON products like coilover springs, driveshafts, handling arms, bushings, leaf springs, shocks, lift kits, steering components, and much, much more! If you are having trouble finding a specific part above, give our sales team a call at (480) 966-3040.