Klassik Rader Wheels

Klassik R?der has built wheels for great shock; they are raised champions. Its design requires a creative approach to the traditional style that fruitfully combines retro and futuristic elements. The cast wheels are made in a pure stage, guaranteeing optimum integrity and strength. They uphold high quality and give you gratitude and motivation, according to strict criteria of the industry. These excellent wheels have nothing in common with hundreds of fair market wheels with a conventional design with state-of-the-art technical features in one outstanding device.

In combination with power, speed, and durability, Klassik Rader gave them a notable style. These solid cast wheels have been extensively tested in several industry benchmarks, including VIA, SAE j2530, and ISO. Lastly, all specifications and enhancement regulations are controlled by the manufactured products at Klassik Rader. The vehicle will follow the highest quality requirements when these wheels are mounted and never return to your "old shoes."


  • Wheel Size: 15", 17"
  • Finish: Silver | Black | Grey
  • Configuration: 4x100 | 4x130 | 5x112 | 5x130 | 5x205
  • Offset (mm): 12, 14, 20, 23.3, 25, 40, 45, 52
  • Type: 1-Piece Cast
  • Style: 5-Spoke | Solid | 8-Spoke
  • Warranty: 3 Year Finish Warranty
  • Type of Wheel: Classic VW and Porsche
  • Valve Hole: TPMS Acceptable
  • Lug Seat Profile: Tapered / Acorn
  • Logo: Klassik Rader

A Set of Klassik Rader Wheels for a Classic Way

You probably put a huge amount of affection in your car, whether you're a brand spanking new showroom luxury car or a unique hotrod built with your soul, emotions, and blood. Why not finish the job with an impressive set of new classic rims? In all industry parts, the Klassik Rader wheel is known for its perfection, which aims unceasingly to produce high-performance, round, and completely faultless spokes. The Klassik Rader model has a unique collection of spokes and sizes consistent with many ordinary tires. The construction procedure contributes to a durable, sturdy finish that avoids physical requirements daily.

New But Vintage Feel? Klassik Rader Wheels Are for You!

Klassik Rader is known for its famous and familiar wheels in the traditional and retro German wheel design. Including cutting-edge manufacturing processes cast and paint finishing. Klassik Rader drives the boundaries to the highest consistency standard and carefully checks all of its wheels to make your unwavering buddy. Klassik Rader leaves rivals well behind when it comes to incredibly durable and, at the same time, exceptionally trendy wheels.

Klassik Rader provides its wheel for various cars, including air-cooled Karmann Ghia, Fastback, Squareback, Volkswagen Beetle, dune buggies and sand rails, and many more dedicated to meeting all needs and demands from its clients. In the 1970-1972 Porsche models: 914/6 & 1970-1976, for example, 914. The company also supplied unique fitments. The Klassik Rader is delighted with its wheels using the finest components and the newest technology and gives them a three-year assured finish and exclusive support lifetime structural warranty.

Customize your vehicle in particular and with the Klassik Rader wheels selected. They conform to your car and stand up to extreme tension and aggression to build a signature beauty and unparalleled level of strength. The wheels are incredibly light and make the car's performance incredible. Improve your car and discern it from the audience for a healthy and enjoyable ride!

Get Klassik Rader High-tech wheels that have a perfect mixture of eye elegance and stamina. The Klassik Rader wheels are made of pure finished aluminum and are put under tremendous strain to maximize power. Robust wheels can hold up to the worse conditions without fracturing or cracking. Klassik Rader wheels are well-engineered for reliability, growth, and performance. The wheels are made of highly customized and can be handy in a vehicle. For individual cars, Klassik Rader Wheels have been designed and complemented.

Advantage of Klassik Rader as a Spoke Wheel

The spokes on your Klassik Rader Wheels have the essential job of connecting the wheel's rim - outer diameter - to the plate at the wheel's center section where the bolt holes and lugs connect the wheel to the vehicle. The spokes play a significant part in deciding a wheel's total weight and strength. When designing and constructing a car through Vivid Racing, Klassik Rader Wheels will ensure that the wheels' spokes provide adequate capacity when considering the car's weight and performance tire size.

Lightweight Klassik Rader Wheels

There is a wide variety of lightweight metal wheels on the market for nearly all vehicles. The Klassik Rader wheels are one clear example of lightweight wheels. Consider your wheels lighter, and make the suspension even smoother. Klassik Rader Wheels can more readily and efficiently manage each bump. It helps keep the Klassik Rader Wheels and tire in contact with the asphalt for longer and is excellent news for vehicle stability and braking. Lightweight wheels are also easier to mount when replacing factory wheels. If you like a particular aftermarket wheel, then try to fit the weight of the stock wheel. If necessary, it's easier to go lighter than stock.

Find Klassik Rader Wheels Only at Vivid Racing

From fitment help from our in-house wheel experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your order. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of Klassik Rader and tires, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

At Vivid Racing, we love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

Finding a perfect wheel fitment is not an easy job. We fully understand it, and we are here to help you find the best configuration of Klassik Rader wheels and tires for your car.

Vivid Racing makes sure the spoke wheels, wire wheels, or off-road wheels are amazingly light while also supplying the vehicle with decent protection. These wheels are distinguished by the extra time they take to clean because of the spokes you need to clean between them.

Vivid Racing ensures that we meet the customer's quality, size, and strength expectations.

The company always provides quality wheels for applications that require speed and good looks, such as racing vehicles. We are also relatively resistant to corrosion.

While installing the Klassik Rader wheel doesn't improve your car's power by even a single horsepower, it provides an unmistakable racing feel to your driving experience. If you're hunting for Klassik Rader Wheels or something else, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our wide selection of wheels includes famous brands such as FUEL, Rays, Enkei, and more!

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