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Who Is Lexani?

Founded in 1996 in sunny California, Lexani is globally renowned for its extensive line of the most attractive custom and luxurious wheels ever created. Rather than saturating the wheel market with yet another name, Lexani aims to elevate the standard of aftermarket wheels to a whole new level. When the company was established over two decades ago, Lexani recognized that the single most important aspect of a car’s exterior is its wheels. Investing in a new set of custom wheels can really make a huge difference in the appearance of a car and its overall value too. Lexani realized that custom wheels make a head-turning statement, as well as a first and lasting impression of who we are as individuals and enthusiasts.

More than 20 since its inception, Lexani has become a world leader in premium luxury wheels and rims, as well as an expanding lineup of grilles and tires. Lexani truly understands what it takes to become a trend-setter. Years of experience, unique design solutions, and devotion to unsurpassed quality have helped Lexani climb the ladder to success and gain lifelong customers in the automotive realm. Lexani goes above and beyond to create products that capture the imagination of its clientele while boasting top-notch quality and performance.

Why Choose Lexani Grilles?

Apart from its expansive range of custom alloy wheels, Lexani also offers tires, luxury automotive grilles, and RBP off-road products. The Lexani Motorcars division was founded as an extension of the brand’s mission to build compelling designs that will captivate the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. To this day, Lexani continues to place its focus on creating quality products that inspire individual personalization for a wide range of vehicles.

Lexani grilles are available for vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, Range Rover HSE, and much more. If you had to choose two words to describe Lexani’s grille kits, it would have to be opulence and luxury. Crafted from only the finest quality materials, all Lexani grilles and side vents are sculpted by master craftsman. Each vision is imagined with rich attention to detail and brought to life with the highest grade stainless steel. Lexani grille frames are constructed and intricately woven with double crimped mesh steel. 

Each of these grille kits is specially machined on state-of-the-art CNC mills. Utilizing a custom program that has been specifically created for Lexani, the CNC machining and assembly is done by a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen. Once complete, each grille kit is expertly finished in various custom color options. Since Lexani’s luxury grille kits can be lavishly customized to suit a driver’s individual taste, the possibilities are virtually endless. Those custom options include high polished chrome, powder coating, woodgrain finishes, and exact color-matching of the frame or mesh.   

Find Lexani Parts at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to change up your car’s appearance, Lexani has what you need to get that exclusive, luxurious appeal. Vivid Racing carries a wide range of Lexani grille kits and side vents for several different makes and models. If you have any questions about the parts listed above or fitment concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to taking your car to the next level with the luxurious touch that is only achievable through Lexani custom parts.