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Why Install a Lift Kit on Your Jeep/Truck?

Although a lot of Jeeps and trucks are incredibly capable off-road in totally stock form, many of them don’t offer enough ground clearance for tough trails. There is also a size limitation of the tires you can install without raising the body of the vehicle.

Luckily, many off-road vehicles can easily be lifted with an aftermarket lift kit. Lift kits come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and forms. Some of them are very basic and only include springs, and some of them replaced literal every suspension component on the vehicle. Lift kits provide numerous advantages to your overall driving experience, from unique off-road capabilities to improved safety.

What is a Lift Kit?

A Lift kit is essentially a collection of parts required to lift a vehicle and give it a higher stance. It also includes some instructions on how to use the components in raising the truck or jeep. The package set will depend on your specific vehicle. Lift kits work to increase the overall height of a vehicle and provide additional inches of ground clearance.

Most lift kits include lift springs and shocks. Depending on the height of the lift kit, you may also need aftermarket control arms to handle the increase angles. For many Jeeps, long-arm lift kits are popular, since increasing the length of the control arms decreases the effective angle of the arm. Long arm lift kits are especially useful for hardcore off-roading, since they provide significantly more articulation.

There are numerous reasons why it makes complete sense to install a suspension kit on your truck or jeep. It also comes with a list of advantages such as:

  • Higher ground clearance resulting in better off-road performance
  • Gives your vehicle the ability to drive across harsher terrains
  • Offers a smoother ride and better drive quality
  • Provides better visibility because of the steeper approach
  • Gives you more seamless access to your truck or jeep’s underbody
  • Allows you to accommodate larger wheels and tires
  • Enhances your car’s overall look and appeal

Ready your truck or Jeep for mountain roads and muddy creeks with an assortment of lift kits, including Skyjacker, ReadyLift, Tuff Country, and many more. We also offer suspension lift kits and body lift kits to give you that extra ground clearance for the largest and meanest wheels and tires!