Who is XO Luxury Wheels?

XO Luxury Wheels is a company that provides aftermarket wheels for various vehicle platforms. Their in-house designing department based in Florida and California has created the most sought after rims on the market today.

Turning Dreams into Reality

All their wheels are conceptualized with having premium quality in style, design, and craftsmanship in mind. With their vast experience, they were able to create wheels that do not only perform but sets a statement when it comes to designs. 

Innovative Wheels

XO Luxury uses a state-of-the-art computer-aided machine for the manufacturing and testing of its high-quality wheels. They perform detailed testing using a Finite Element Analysis. This allows them to determine the design flaws and corrects it before it is even manufactured. Having the ability to do this enabled them to optimize and refine their design at the highest level.

Highly Advance Wheel Manufacturing Process

XO Luxury Wheels are manufactured using an advanced production technique called Rotary Forging. It is a process wherein the wheels are forged at high pressure, while at the same time are spun at a very high speed. This process helps the wheels to be more durable and lighter compared to casted wheels. This, in turn, improves the performance of the vehicle.

All XO Luxury rims are tested to pass industry standards requirements and are subjected to multiple Chemical and Physical stress testing.

Purchase XO Luxury Wheels at Vivid Racing

If you are searching for a high-quality wheel that allows you to improve the looks and performance of your vehicles, check out XO Luxury Wheels. With trendsetting wheel designs and various wheel specifications, there is definitely a wheel that would suit your style.

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