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Who Is Magnuson?

When it comes to engine upgrades that can make your car go fast, superchargers have always been on top of the list. It allows enthusiasts to increase the power of their engine instantly without having to extensively modify it. It all started when car enthusiasts began putting superchargers used in aircraft into their hotrods, making it faster than anyone could have imagined. There are tons of companies who offer superchargers but none as popular as Magnuson.

Magnuson Products, LLC was founded in 1970 by Jerry Magnuson. It builds the world’s most popular aftermarket superchargers for late-model muscle cars, sports cars, SUVs, and trucks. Magnuson believes you should be able to have big horsepower gains, everyday drivability, and long-lasting reliability in one package. 

The brand promotes and distributes hybrid root-type superchargers to the automotive aftermarket. Magnuson’s R&D team combines more than 60 years of experience in system designing with state-of-the-art engineering and the latest in computer and fabrication technology.

Magnuson is world-renowned for being a leader in the supercharger realm, with the best-selling and most complete lineup of bolt-on superchargers anywhere. Magnuson tests every single product before it leaves the factory, resulting in warranty claims that are nearly non-existent.

Magnuson is capable of developing a complete supercharger system through every facet of design, manufacturing, and testing in-house. Its goal is to create and deliver the quietest, most powerful, efficient, and durable supercharger system possible utilizing a “roots style” blower. Today, Magnuson has been synonymous with power and is considered one of the favorite brands of many engine builders worldwide.

Why Choose A Magnuson Supercharger?

Magnuson superchargers are made in the USA and strategically designed to run as though they’re factory-installed. That means you get big supercharger power boosts with no compromise. Each product is carefully manufactured to ensure that each piece perfectly matches one another giving you optimum horsepower gains and reliability.

All Magnuson superchargers are manufactured and calibrated to OEM standards to guarantee a factory-like feel. The calibrations are so precise, in fact, that most supercharger kits carry a CARB (California Air Resource Board) EO (Executive Order) number and are emissions-legal in all 50 states for use on the road. This is achieved by way of powertrain integration, which is the recalibration of a car’s engine and transmission control programs to function with the altered induction path and new boost pressure. The result is a seamless and consistent delivery of power. 

The top benefit of a Magnuson supercharger system is it can considerably boost your engine’s output without increasing its weight. Magnuson’s supercharger systems deliver big power gains with excellent drivability and unmatched reliability. The brand’s root-style design produces impressive horsepower figures across the entire RPM range, not just the high end. It is no wonder why Magnuson is rated among the most respected and admired performance companies on the market. It is the reason why their superchargers are favored by many engine builders and speed freaks alike.

Upgrade to Magnuson at Vivid Racing

Transform your driving experience with a supercharger from Magnuson today! You will immediately revel at the tantalizing power gains, comfortable drivability, and overall appearance of the Magnuson system. To know more about Magnuson, visit Vivid Racing as it carries a complete lineup of Magnuson superchargers for a wide array of different makes and models. This includes sports cars, passenger vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.

If you have any questions about Magnuson or its products, please contact our expert parts team at (480) 966-3040. We look forward to taking your ride to the next level and equipping it with a Magnuson supercharger.