Who is Mandrus Wheels?

Mandrus Wheels is an aftermarket wheel company known for exclusively creating one of a kind wheels for Mercedes Benz. Mercedes has always established itself as a luxury brand that signifies class and finesse and this is what Mandrus aims to complement. Today they have become the go-to brand of Mercedes Benz enthusiasts who want to further improve the look of their vehicle.

A Perfect Fit

Specifically built to fit Mercedes Benz, all their wheels are designed to not only match its luxurious look but to fit perfectly on the vehicle. All the technical measurements are designed around these platforms such as Hub-centric size, Caliper Fitment, the Original Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and even Mercedes Benz’s original center cap.

A Wheel for Every Occasion

Mandrus offers a variety of wheels that differs in sizes, offsets, and styles depending on your required application and vehicle model. Their wheels range from 18 to 22 inches and even comes in broken sizes that are wider at the rear to give it better traction and a more aggressive stance.

Purchase Mandrus Wheels at Vivid Racing

When it comes to aftermarket wheels for Mercedes Benz, Mandrus is the industry leader. As a Benz expert, they have produced wheels that are a perfect match for your Mercedes. With options ranging from Monoblocks, Rotary forged, and Multipiece wheels and finishes such as matte, gunmetal, black or polished, they definitely have the right wheel for whatever style you have. Visit Vivid Racing and check out their wheel lineup that would fit your specific preference.