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Who is MB Quart?

MB Quart was founded during the 1960s when audio components were only for the obscure. But as more and more people started appreciating the need for a quality sound system, MB Quart has already have begun creating high-quality audio components. 

With over 50 years of experience, they became the leading manufacturer and has been the brand of choice by multiple audiophiles around the world.

Quality Sound System

MB Quart is known for creating high-performance audio systems and has maintained its stature as the global standard when it comes to sound systems. 

Through the years of experience, the company has continuously grown and has kept innovating itself adapting with the ever-changing demand of enthusiasts.

Audio Systems have come a long way from the time when it used to be made out of wood and tubes. MB Quart now uses high-grade materials such as multiple composites like carbon fiber and kevlar for their speakers, not to mention the use of Aluminum and Titanium. These materials are regarded as some of the highest and most expensive materials in the world. It shows the kind of dedication the company is putting into their products. 

MB Quart also builds Powersports and marine products designed to withstand harsh conditions such as dirt, trails, and water. This is meant for the outdoor enthusiasts who still wanted to have quality sounds in their rigs.

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Improve the experience in your vehicle by upgrading your sound system to MB Quart products. Their speakers produce the highest quality of sounds that is louder and clearer compared to your stock units. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of MB Quart products suitable for your exact needs.