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Moto-Skiveez specializes in motorcycle riding clothing and accessories that utilize cutting-edge technology. Shawn Lupcho came up with Moto-Skiveez in Verona, Italy, at the TMF research facility, where most of the products are tested and made.


Moto-Skiveez products use thermal imaging camera systems that are positioned between the rider and the saddle. This technology takes temperature readings in the prostatic regions of the body. Additionally, TMF utilizes electronic sensors to assess the amount of pressure applied at the points of contact, enabling and determining the type of material to be applied. This new technology led to the creation of three separate outfits for riders who ride in different ways.


Moto-Skiveez offers a solution that is specifically designed for various riding styles. Each pad is custom-made to integrate smoothly with the rider's region of seating contact, depending on the motorcycle's style. In addition, the cushions are designed to lessen the discomfort caused by the different forces that come from riding on rocky ground.

Moto-Skiveez values customer feedback and is constantly looking for ways to enhance its products. They've been working on their motorcycle shorts to make sure they're as comfortable as possible for a wider range of body types.


Moto-Skiveez fabric is sewed into a high-quality brief designed to be worn adjacent to the skin. The basic garment is constructed entirely of two distinct textiles. The first is a fabric selected for its moisture-wicking properties. The second is a mesh fabric chosen for its breathability. By combining several textiles, a foundation garment that is optimal for moisture management and breathability is created. Following that, these materials are sewn together utilizing a four-needle flat seam technique. This method of production is used to manufacture garments of exceptional quality.


The Moto-Skiveez short pad design features small perforations in key regions to promote breathability. The perforations are designed strategically for that pad based on its intended purpose. The pads have a special surface fabric that has good wicking capabilities, tactile softness, antimicrobial properties, and is machine washable. This fabric's surface is treated with silver ions to provide an antibacterial treatment that is permanent.

In addition, each form of the pad is made up of a variety of various foam densities and shapes. These forms and densities are unique to each of the three identified riding styles' contact areas. This particular combination has been tuned to deliver the maximum level of comfort possible in that riding posture. You can also purchase the Moto-Skiveez short on our website.