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Who is Pacesetter?

Pacesetter is an aftermarket company that specializes in the exhaust system that fits various automotive platforms. They have been creating exhaust products for more than 40 years and was considered as the first major manufacturer of import auto exhaust system. They are considered as an icon in the automotive world and are used by some of the most iconic vehicles known such as the DeLorean. Today, they have become the brand of choice of various classic car owners and are still enjoyed by modern car users of today.

A Brand You Can Trust

The company has always maintained its tradition of creating high-quality exhaust products. The company is still owned by the same people who first started it and is proudly 100% made in the USA. This ensures that they can maintain their high level of standard consistently and utilize the craftsmanship American-made products are known for.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Pacesetter uses state-of-the-art machinery in manufacturing its products. They use CNC machines to get those accurate and precise cuts down to the smallest measurement and employ mandrel bending to get perfect curves. They also use a flash-controlled 16 gauge carbon steel and port matched flanges to achieve that optimum flow and produce a better seal.

Purchase Pacesetter Exhaust At Vivid Racing

If you are in search of a high-quality exhaust system for your vehicle, then check out what Pacesetter has to offer. They are a company that has a proven track record of producing high-quality products with over 1000 SKUs in their inventory. Their products fit various vehicles whether it’s a classic car, SUV, or Pick up truck. Surely, they got you covered. To know more about Pacesetter, visit Vivid Racing and see their list of products that fit your requirements.