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PBI Sprockets have made a name in the motorcycle industry for the past three decades and are recognized as a credible and renowned brand. For over ten years, they have provided the motorcycle aftermarket with good quality replacement lighting products and got the rights to manufacture the renowned PBI Sprocket brand. They are devoted to providing the motorcycle market with the finest quality products to run car engines at their highest degree. The company?s motive is to build an image as a genuine and trustworthy brand in the automotive market.


PBI Sprockets objective is to supply consumers with products that function correctly the first time and deliver the best value for money in terms of reliability and performance. None of their products reaches final approval without first enduring a development flow procedure. PBI Sprockets passion for the sport and the creation of products enable enthusiasts and technicians to customize their personal experience while preparing for a race or performing routine maintenance


PBI Sprockets include a high level of quality and detail in all their parts. The unique combination of creative engineering and excellence ensures that they are the proud manufacturers of high brands such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and many more. Their products are well known for their durability and ability to retain shape even after repeated use.


PBI Sprockets products includes- Sprockets for Harley Davidson & Offset, Sprockets for Honda, Sprockets for Kawasaki, Sprockets for KTM, Sprockets for Suzuki, Sprockets for Yamaha, Sprockets for other manufacturer, Custom build rear sprocket, Blanks, Race wheels, Offset Sprockets for Hon./ Kaw./ Suz./ Yam, Steel rear sprockets, Sprockets Kart Engine, Sprockets for mini and micro sprint car.

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