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Who Is Pentosin?

Pentosin is a company that was founded in Hamburg, Germany back in 1927. They specialize in manufacturing synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids for the automotive industry. They are considered as the innovator of these fluids and are recognized all over the globe.

Perfection Is the Key

Pentosin has created fluids that meet the standards required by most automobile manufacturers. They are known for their philosophy of “zero mistakes”. Hence, many enthusiasts prefer their products over the others. Pentosin is also ISO certified which guarantees you that they only produce a consistent quality of products every time.

Designed For High Performance Application

They also produce the most advanced twin clutch transmission fluid. Modern high performance vehicles usually use twin clutches to have a better performing vehicle. Pentosin supplies the fluid need for this equipment to function at its optimum. Their constant search for innovative ways to develop their products has helped them establish themselves as the industry leader.

For more than 80 years, the company has dedicated itself to creating quality products and has always adapted itself to keep up to date with the constant changes in automotive technology.

Purchase Pentosin At Vivid Racing

Fluids play a vital role in keeping your vehicle functioning properly. If you are in search of a fluid that does the job, then Pentosin is the right brand for you. They have been developing oil for almost a century and is trusted by both enthusiasts and automotive manufacturers. To know more about Pentosin, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific needs.