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Power Slot Rear Right Cryogenic Slotted Rotors Jeep Grand Cherokee 99-04[126.67043CSR]


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Description Power Slot Rear Right Cryogenic Slotted Rotors Jeep Grand Cherokee 99-04

Jeep�s utility, off road ability, and history has made it one of the most recognizable marquees in American Automotive history. Due to its capabilities in rough terrain it is quite common for Jeep owners to find themselves in extreme situations, many times miles from any civilization. Jeeps heavy duty axles and driveline along with its off road suspension means it is often used for towing. Towing greatly increases the amount of strain on your braking system. Because of the extra weight the heat generated by the brakes can easily cause brake fade or warp the rotor leading to costly repairs, or even worse, brake failure.

What good is power without control? The ability to stop quickly is just as important as accelerating quickly, especially on a race track. As any weekend racer will tell you, factory brake systems will quickly overheat and fail when put in even moderate track conditions. That means worn pads, warped rotors and expensive repair bills.

When you need something tougher than a Power Slot rotor, but you�re not quite ready for a big brake kit, try Power Slot Cryo rotors. Power Slot has invested in the latest state-of-the-art equipment to offer cryogenic treatment on their Power Slot rotor line. Deep cryogenic treatment is a one-time process that permanently improves the performance and service life of metals from brake rotors and engine parts, to machine tools and gear sets. Using a proprietary computer-controlled process, the metal is cooled gradually to -300�F and then slowly returned to room temperature and heat-cycled as the final step. Although not apparent to the naked eye, the improvements to the rotor are significant. The cryogenic treatment process redistributes residual stress in the rotor giving it an extra level of protection against warping.Please contact us if you have any questions.
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