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VR Tuned Review

5 of 5 Stars! Posted on 10/22/2008 by by Richard Prosser
I have the 7/10 setup on my 2003 996 C2. They are set to 5 from soft all the way around which is about as firm as I'd want for a street car on the less than great roads here in the northeast. They provide a great deal of setup flexibility and are set to GT3 specs are for camber, caster, height etc. The suspension feels a little "bumpy" when you go over rough/uneven pavement. This is mostly on side streets leading to the highway. Once on smooth pavement they are great for handling. I got them mostly to lower the car which removed the "floatly" feel when driving at high speeds. The lowering also greatly enhanced the street-look which much more aggressive than stock and looks great with my 19" wheels. I would highly recommend these because they provide a great deal of flexibility with setup and have performed very well. I had them on the track last week and they felt great, very predictable handling.
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