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VR Tuned Review

5 of 5 Stars! Posted on 09/13/2010 by by Matt Roberts
This cage really is bolt in with no modifications. I do have a few suggestions from issues I ran into.
The back side interior panels don't have to come out but it makes it alot easier and they will fit back in, though it isn't easy. The rear side bolsters will kind of fit but look silly, so I just left them off. Leave the visors up when you install. They are stuck in whatever position they are in when you install, and it sucks to have them down. Learn from my mistake here. Also a drill is nice to help clean up/line up some of the difficult bolt holes through the sleeves that attach the individual parts together. Also, clean out the glove box!! It is not accessible very easily after the cage is installed. All in all great product, exactly what I was looking for and a fairly easy install for any one with a ratchet and the skills to change the oil or other minor simple tasks. I figure if your bolting in a roll cage you should have these skills by now.
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