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Who is Pyramid LED Whips?

Built by people who have a great passion when it comes to offroading, the company was built to specialize in producing light accessories for various offroad vehicles, specifically the Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV). 

Their product has been a success that it has been widely used by off-roaders around. If you own one as well, it is only fitting that you use their products. 

What Makes Pyramid LED Whips Special?

The company produces one of the brightest lights available in the market, surpassing what the competitor has to offer. It also has a patented quick-connect system design that makes installation and removal easy.

Made with Quality Product

Proudly made in the USA, Pyramid LED Whips are made up of high-quality stainless steel cylinder and spring contact connectors that eliminate the RCA style plugs, which usually is the weakest point in other brand lights. 

The company also uses the thickest polycarbonate tube possible, giving its product more durability. 

Tested to Perform and Deliver  

These lights are not just good looking but are tested to perform at their optimum even with the harsh offroading condition. Tested to not break at high speed, you are sure you have a product that would last a long time. And of course, it ensures safety everywhere you go. It’s what you need if you long for a hardcore offroading adventure. 

Purchase Pyramid LED Whips at Vivid Racing.

Pyramid LED Whips aims to provide the best to its customers. With their eye for a quality product that would meet the customer’s expectations, Pyramid LED is a brand you can trust. For your aftermarket lighting needs, visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of products specifically made for your vehicles. You will surely find one that fits perfectly for your needs.