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Renthal Rear 52 Tooth Ultralight Sprockets for Offroad Blue Husqvarna 2014-2019



Model #224U-520-52GPBU

Shopper Award

Renthal is a global leader in the manufacturing, design, and sales of motorcycle, ATV and cycle parts and accessories. Renthal has attained 223 World Championships and 229 US titles in motorcycling and already 11 World Championships in cycling. Attention to every small detail is what it takes to be the best. Everyone dreams of success, but achieving it takes relentless commitment and effort. It's this obsession for detail, quality and engineering that makes Renthal products the finest on the market today.


  • Rear Sprockets
  • 52 Tooth
  • Blue
  • Ultralight

Other Part Numbers:
Renthal #800434

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Husqvarna FC250

Husqvarna FC350

Husqvarna FC450

Husqvarna FE250

Husqvarna FE350

Husqvarna FE450

Husqvarna FE501

Husqvarna FS450

Husqvarna FX350

Husqvarna FX450

Husqvarna TC125

Husqvarna TC250

Husqvarna TE125

Husqvarna TE150

Husqvarna TE250

Husqvarna TE250i

Husqvarna TE300

Husqvarna TE300i

Husqvarna TX300

Who Is Renthal? 

Renthal is a market leader in manufacturing, designing, and sales of ATV, motorcycle, and cycle parts and accessories. With 50 years of experience, that’s hard to beat. They manufacture their top-of-the-line products in Manchester, UK.  

Chosen By Well-Known And Top Brands 

Do not doubt the quality of products you can get from Renthal. If you must know, even the big names have trusted them as their original equipment. Some of these names are Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda. That’s a true testament of how amazing their offerings are. 

Wide Range of Available Products 

The company offers various products for road bikes, quad bikes and trail bikes. You can find grips, handlebars, bar mounts, chainwheels, hand guards, chain, and even brake pads to name a few. 

Home of the Champions 

If you are still not convinced, perhaps this will change your mind. 

Renthal has achieved 225 World Championships and 231 US titles in the world of motorcycling. To date, they have won 11 World Championships in cycling. And by the looks of it, they will not stop from getting awards and recognitions. 

Committed To Perfection 

What sets this company apart is that they are detail-oriented. Every inch of their product is bound to make the whole part the best. This shows their commitment and passion. You can say that they are one of the finest in the market. 

Purchase Renthal Products at Vivid Racing 

At Vivid Racing, we only want to give you the best brands in our lineup. We have added Renthal to our list because of its amazing reputation and passion to give customers the best. If you want to check out their list of offerings, visit Vivid Racing and get the items that will fit your needs.

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