Rock Slide Engineering was founded in 2004 in a Logan, Utah garage. With an off-roading background, Rock Slide Engineering has been tested in Utah's backcountry from the very beginning, which is now driven by perfection. Rock Slide Engineering began with a single bumper and has grown to be the market leader in off-road product functionality and quality. Their product line is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. Each Rock Slide Engineering innovation is designed to improve the off-road experience. Rock Slide Engineering products are designed and manufactured at their headquarters in Logan, Utah. They employ cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and highly qualified engineers to deliver the best product in the market.


At Rock Slide Engineering, they feel that the most important components of their work are providing high-quality services, maintaining their integrity, and providing an exceptional customer experience. Since the beginning, they have provided high-quality service in auto accessories.

Rock Slide Engineering will take care of any customization requirements you may have. Suspension lifts, armor, front and rear bumpers, lighting, and many other products are available. They will ensure that your vehicle meets all of your requirements. Additionally, they ensure you have the finest possible experience when driving down the street in your vehicle. They exclusively provide the highest-quality auto components. They are utilizing their significant experience in the automobile business to pass on their high-quality products to their global customers. Rock Slide Engineering is utilizing their significant experience in the automobile business to pass on their high-quality products to their global customers. They take pride in their work and in your vehicle at Rock Slide Engineering, with the assurance of receiving the greatest service in the industry, as each product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Remember that a faulty product installation can be destructive to both your system and your budget. Always have certified products installed on your vehicle.


Their product line features classic and innovative styles, which include step sliders, armor, front bumpers, rear bumpers, lighting, EZ rack, EZ plate, aluminum Fairlead, Star hitch cover, and many more accessories for cars like Ford Bronco, Gladiator JT, Wrangler JL, Wrangler JK, and Wrangler TJ/LJ.


The products included in VIVID RACING are - driver side step sider, led lights, license plate mount, front bumper bull bar, front bumper skid plate, front fender flares, rear bumper, and circuit board replacements.