Who Is Rotiform?

It all was founded in 2009 by the car enthusiasts Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple, now the founder of Rotiform, a worldwide popular wheel company. The company is known for its high-quality and amazing looking wheels. Rotiform has millions of fans across the globe, claiming it's one of the world's finest wheels.

Rotiform's influenced style has become a signature characteristic for some of the best designs, such as RWB Porsches and LibertyWalk Lamborghinis. They have Rotiform wheels for Audi, BMW, and even the golf project cars Honda and Volkswagen. They also have lovely SUV fitments that complement your vehicle.

What Makes Rotiform Wheel so Special?

The popular and distinctive features of Rotiform wheels have a reputation in the automotive industry. Due to its lightweight, durability, and extra ripple width, this Specification enables you to make a declaration to boost your car's performance and handling.

The high-grade 6061 rotational wheels are made 100 percent in the USA. Rotiform forged wheels are designed for style, durability, and efficiency specifically for your vehicle and built according to demanding standards. All cast rotative wheels in the custom finish are available.

Purchase Rotiform at Vivid Racing

Purchase rotiform wheels with a range of types from the concave, dish, and even OEM wheels at Vivid Racing. You can buy from us easily, knowing that all Rotiform wheels were check in the factory before releasing it to the consumer. High-performance specifications apply to such quality wheels to ensure its durability. It is the perfect set of wheels both for road and track. We've got you covered if you're interested in adapting your journey! Shop online or call 1-480-966-3040 or one of our world-class professionals.