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Slydog, Inc. has developed a ski that utilizes snow induction to increase cornering and sidehilling capability, as well as advanced floatation in deep powder and enhanced trail control. This is accomplished by leaving a distinct imprint that reduces its prey's propensity to be hunted (follow existing snowmobile tracks). The reverse angle keel and the channel, which gets narrower as it goes along the length of the keel, work together to create snow induction. This means that the snow is compressed against the reverse angle keel to make a solid base for maneuvering and lifting when you are in the powder.

In addition to reducing steering effort, one of the most alluring features of this technology is that the ski works with the rider. The ski becomes more aggressive as the rider becomes more aggressive. Snowcross, deep powder, and snowmobile trail riders will all benefit from this innovative new ski design.


These are considerably more than mere idler wheels. Real Cool Bogies use a fan blade design to push cold air into the front of your skid and blow snow out the back, lubricating the hyfax in the process. These wheels help keep your hyfax cool to prevent excessive wear. Because they are molded from UHMW material and lack rubber components, ice and snow will not adhere to the wheels, thereby eliminating vibrations caused by out-of-balance wheels. The Vortex is the largest bogie wheel in their lineup. Similar to their Real Cool Bogies, the Vortex is designed to maximize airflow while spinning to keep snow moving through the skid of the sled. Increased skid airflow improves hyfax cooling and reduces snow pack. The size of the bogie varies by sled and skid position. There are eight OEM-compatible sizes of their snowmobile bogie wheels. The 10" Vortex wheel is made for use with big wheel upgrade kits.


Their product line features trail command skis, mountain attack skis, crossover powder hound skis, race hell hound skis, bogie wheels, apparel, pull handles, novelty skis, ski loops, snow scoops, stickers, mount kits, dampeners, carbides, and many more.


The products of Slydog included in Vivid Racing are the mount kits, attack ski, powder hound ski, command skis, pull handle, pro loops, ski loops, ski hardware kit, bogie wheels, which comes in different color and designs.