Who is SPOFEC?

SPOFEC is a German company that specializes in customizing the current model of Rolls Royce vehicles. It is a division of Novitec, a company known for creating some of the best parts for the most exotic vehicles in the market. Today, SPOFEC has become the leading brand when it comes to upgrading Rolls Royce and is recognized all over the world.

Quality Parts Made By Artisans

SPOFEC is composed of a group of enthusiasts and craftsmen who spent years mastering their craft in manufacturing parts that would refine the already luxurious brand. The team behind SPOFEC carefully designs their body panels to blend in with the lines of the luxury liner. It allows them to create parts that look like they came out of the factory.

Using Only The Best Material

All of their pieces are made out of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the choice of manufacturers who need quality material for their high-performance applications. Aside from being strong and lightweight, using this material allows them to create parts with perfect surface quality and perfect fit.

Purchase SPOFEC Products At Vivid Racing

Some enthusiasts are not satisfied with a stock-looking vehicle. They prefer something that would make them stand out from the rest. If you feel that having a stock Rolls would not satisfy you, upgrade it with SPOFEC parts. When it comes to improving the latest generation of Roll Royces, they are the brand that you can trust. To know more about SPOFEC, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific needs.