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Who is ST Suspensions?

ST Suspensions is a California-based company that started back in the 1980s. ST stands for Suspension Techniques, and they are best known for their high-quality suspension products for different vehicle platforms. By providing excellent value, they have become a recognized brand in the industry and has been accepted by different tuners and enthusiast everywhere.

Bought By KW Coilover

ST was bought by a German Suspension manufacturer KW Automotive GmbH in 2005. Having the resources and backing one of the leading suspension manufacturers in Europe, ST Suspensions was able to innovate itself and produced products that are at par with the more mainstream brands.

Quality Products

ST Suspensions manufacturers some of the best suspension packages available in the market. It is designed to work well not only on the street but on the track as well. They use high-quality materials that do not break easily, even under extreme stress. This is why tuners and racers have opted in using their products in some of their race cars.

Fitment is the Key

All of ST suspension parts are designed to fit perfectly in the original part location without any modification needed. It allows the end-user to simply bolt on the part, and go. This provides a good experience for the customer.

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If you are in search of an affordable suspension product that could help improve your driving experience, then ST Suspension is the brand for you. Visit Vivid Racing and check out the list of parts that would fit your specific need.