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They are the industry leader in SxS suspension tuning, providing anything from spring kits to complete tune packages. All of their items are manufactured in the United States and are made exclusively for MTS. Bring your dune buggy or ATV to MTS Off-Road and take full advantage of your off-road adventures. They are pleased to supply dealers, vendors, and other customers around the United States with dependable off-road vehicle components, including spring kits and limit straps. If you reside in Maricopa County, their ATV repair staff offers upgrades, maintenance, and thorough inspections to ensure your off-road vehicle's durability and best performance. In addition, their staff offers skilled and tailored shock tuning services based on the type of vehicle, terrain choices, and driving style. The condition of your vehicle's suspension has a significant impact on its capacity to absorb vibrations caused by driving over difficult terrain, so it is vital to have your suspension repaired by a team of qualified off-road vehicle experts. MTS Off-Road also carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies. Their inventory is compatible with a variety of off-road vehicle makes and models, including Yamaha YXZ, Honda Talon, and Kawasaki KRX, so check out their website to see whether they have the correct parts for your vehicle. MTS Off-Road supplies customers with the necessary tools for installing shocks and suspensions too.


Customers are interested in the services offered by MTS Off-Road Suspension Tuning because they give drivers the capacity to easily navigate any type of terrain. Their team collaborates with each client to create a tune profile that optimizes their machine's performance, driving style, and terrain preferences. They also examine any additional attachments, such as cages, spare tires, average passenger weights, roof racks, horsepower, and large sound systems, as these items can have an effect on the vehicle's performance and overall ride quality. The objective is to deliver more comfortable and capable equipment so that their customers may be safe while creating memorable family moments. They also personalise everything they do according to customers' preferences so that they can enjoy it in the manner they choose.


Their product line features Can Am X3 Spring Kits, Can Am X3 Limit Straps, Kawasaki KRX Spring Kits, Kawasaki Limit Straps, Polaris RZR Spring Kits, Polaris RZR Limit Straps, Yamaha YXZ Spring Kits, Honda Talon Spring Kits, and apparel.


The product line of MTS Off-Road in Vivid Racing are the performance spring kits for different brands like the Yamaha, Walker Evans, Kawasaki, Honda Talon, and Can-Am X3.