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Why Choose Advan TC-4 Wheels?

The Advan TCIII is one of the most popular aftermarket wheels ever produced and the TC-4 was created to improve upon the popular design of the TCIII in every way. The Advan TC-4 is the latest evolution of the TC series wheels, featuring an entirely distinct version of the full face 5 spoke design. The TC-4 features dynamic curvature and a rim similar to that of an Advan Racing GT plus.

The spokes of the TC-4 feature a side cut design, which helps shed weight without reducing overall strength. Like the TCIII, the TC-4 uses a flow-form construction, which provides the best features of a cast and a forged wheel into one package. The flow-form process with a cast wheel that is purposely constructed narrower than desired. After initial construction, the wheel is placed on a machine that spins while pressing steel roller against the rim area, which compresses and stretches the barrel of the wheel, resulting in forged-like barrel strength and weight.

Overall, the TC-4 is a great wheel for street or track use. Available only in 18” fitments, the TC-4 is mostly designed for high-performance sports cars. Like other Advan racing wheels, the TC-4 does not include center caps, however, they are available as an optional purchase.


  • Four unique finishes: Racing Gun Metallic & Ring, Black Gun Metallic & Ring, Amber Bronze Metallic & Ring, and Racing Candy Red & Ring.
  • Features three unique design fascia: Standard, GTR: GTR, and S-GTR: Super GTR.
  • Flow-form construction - very lightweight and strong
  • Optional center caps

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