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Nankang Rubber Tire was incorporated in 1959, and is Taiwan’s oldest and most respected tire manufacturer.

Nankang originally built tires for use on Taiwan’s domestic vehicles. Nankang's quality products quickly expanded to commercial, aeronautics, and earned FORD Motor Company’s Q1 certificate in 1987.

Nankang continued to improve and excel in manufacturing and received its ISO-9001 certificates in 1994, ISO-14001 certificate in 1997, QS-9000 certificate in 1998, ISO/TS 16949 certificate in 2001, European RDW# E4-117R-000001-S in 2005, and launched its new ECO fuel saving line in August 2008!

Nankang tires are distributed in every major continent, in over 50 countries, and are world renown for their superior quality and innovation.

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